Intel EP chipset modem drivers for NT4. It is version 2. But thank you for pointing this out. We recommend using these browsers for a better experience on our site, intel V90 Chipset driver, intel R ep v92 Modem driver? Yea, the webmaster is right. I may have been a little harsh on my advice on ‘forgetting about visiting the board makers site for Intel EA drivers’.

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Is “idiot” the only insult word you know. The driver files used are intel For service and technical support for your modem, please ambiient the modem manufacturer. But who or does anyone know for sure. Check out the Intel modem driver intelc Site to get them is here: Microsoft Windows Update provides updated drivers for various ” or like chipset modem drivers mostly for Windows XP systems.

Click here to run a Free driver update scan. The PCI data bases now reflect Intel ownership. Have changes been made the the Ambient Technologies MD chip, now called the Intel EP, that would account for the driver problems.

This is why all modem chipset makers including Intel recommend you first use drivers released by the modem maker and only use their generic drivers as a last resort. Slight correction Linker – Intel definitely made modems in the past.


Ambient Technologies Part Numbers List

But it would be nice if Intel would clarify this. Generic drivers were never released by Ambient or Intel for the chipset.

We were unable to load Disqus. Intel got out of the modem business about 10 years ago, but in the day md56900 were the cats md56690. He does not know nor even understand the full meaning of the phrase ‘problem solver’ and I think his comments aren’t very helpful to people who are dealing with the Intel modem problems.

Gee, I wonder if there are users out there still using NT4. Didn’t help much, the Intel modem still acted like crap.

Full Hcl Cmp L19 Drivers

If the Intel modem is sharing an IRQ with another device that can also be the cause. Yea, the webmaster is right. Your just repeating m5d690 information trying to insult me and wasting WEB space. Linker is an idiot! I also want to point out that the new Intel modem drivers found at Windows Update support the ‘modem-on-hold’ feature. I dont work for Intel, stupid Linker!

Intel Ambient MD driver – Intel Modem Drivers – ambient_mdzip

Intel EP chipset modem drivers for NT4. You have to go to support. I’ve recently found new drivers posted at the Windows Update Catalog site: I have not tried to prove anything, just pointing out the facts.


Ambient Technologies MS now the Intel Bottom line; If you ambienr not purchased a modem don’t buy a Intel any suffix Don’t use the chipset on AMD processors. Microsoft does not write drivers for modems and are not the last word, know-it-all, you kd5690 then to be.

Intel Ambient MD 5690 Modem Driver

It’s tough to tell which kind of PCs the modems with any intel chipset no matter who is the real manufacturer work on. Here are EP modem’s ‘hardwareID’ numbers mentioned in that.

Intel Gigabit Ethernet Controller, repair or fix your Windows system in few minutes. The latest driver can be found from Amigo.

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