FireGL and highers are certified for all major 3D applications search for others certifications and they perform very well, similar or better to equivalent Quadros. Group Test Results Best user rated – User sentiment trumps benchmarks for this comparison. With the perspective projection method, shading or illustration is displayed with a reticulated pattern. An application error may occur in the joint setting dialog. Locally-deformable PRT Bat 6. The initial display on the view window is in disorder. Parallax occlusion mapping Stones.

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Why do people keep on comparing the “Workstation” to the “Gaming” cards?

In addition, improved support through a certified driver program was put in place. What is the UBM value for money rating?

ATI FireGL V7200 vs NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500

If you use your pc mostly for 3d, why buy a game card??? Om another question, can you load the Viregl drivers for the Radeon, and if so how does it perform with workstation graphics then?? The difference is significant enough that the Quadro FX may have an adverse affect on your yearly electricity bills in comparison to the FireGL V If you are just a student working on your portfolio and are modeling a car or a single character then just get a gaming card.


Anybody with a HD they are prepared to loose?

UserBenchmark: ATI FirePro V (FireGL V) vs Nvidia Quadro FX

A large data size of part annotation causes a little flicker. Please enter a title. Just goes to show how much performance is being kept from consumers, you spend and spend and all you get is a purposely crippled hardware.

What is the Splatting GPU benchmark? So I dropped the inferior FireGL in my current dual core whislt Im waiting for my quad cpu to arrive, and the difference is amazing. Makes you wonder why they even bothering making new cards when they don’t even give the full speed of the existing 3v500.

When opening the section view dialog, a section is not displayed.

AMD FirePro V8700: High-End Workstation Graphics

For positioning of camera parts, when selecting the camera, then other parts and the camera again, the display of manipulator may be incorrect. It has a geforce GT in it.

Market Share Market Share trailing 30 days.

If you wish to continue the discussion, please create a new thread in the appropriate forum. When dragging a label, the image under dragging operation is in disorder.

However, I do also remember reading somewhere, also a couple of years ago that workstation cards could not handle game graphics! UserBenchmark will test your PC and compare the results to other users with the same components. When zooming up an interfering part, the surrounding interference marks disappear. Locally-deformable PRT Bat 6. What is the GPU value for money rating? See market share leaders.


Fastest real world speed – Real World Speed measures performance for typical consumers. With the perspective projection method, shading or illustration is displayed with a reticulated pattern. We calculate effective 3D speed which estimates gaming performance for the top 12 games.

The old generation cards had architecture issues partially because professional cards were developed off of gamer specs, not the other way around Looking forward to going back to ATI, have had issues with NVidia as well, nothing is perfect always for every setup, too many variables to be rock fireg for everyone and everything.

You don’t have JavaScript enabled. They also cost half or less of Quadros price. Could you please ai your comments with facts? Welcome to our freeware PC speed test tool.

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