Not Specified by Manufacturer. It’s bright and stylish now. Be the first to review this product. A similar bundle, but the T-shirt is replaced with Company Of Heroes game. They are evidently limited not by peak performance of unified processors, but by other units, e. Let’s analyze the second mode:.

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BFG GeForce 8800 GTS OC graphics card – GF 8800 GTS – 512 MB Series

Heavy modifications, such as our steep parallax mapping, are used in the latest games, e. But only if we compare with all old models of the latter. This brings stunning graphics capabilities to gaming, geometry, vertex, physics, and pixel shading operations. Perhaps it’s the effect of the ROP number there are more of these units in the old card.

In MSI’s sense of the word. Let’s see what changes as the load grows:. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Geometry complexity changes just like in the previous test.

I had no time to test it.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at how this stacks up against the competition. Each monitor can have a resolution of up to x pixels, making it a great solution for geforc who need to use dual high-resolution displays. BFG Tech has made the surprise announcement that it is to leave the graphics card market completely.


We come out with a number of interesting findings, but will they answer all of our questions, or create more? Judging by results, the Nvidja fetches over 30 texels per cycle for bit textures bilinear filteringalthough it should have been twice as fast here. Write a comment below.

Supersampling quadruples the load, but a performance drop on G8x-based cards is bigger than gst RVbased solutions. The GTS blows past the competition for best-in-class graphic performance at an affordable price.

Got one to sell? Written by Tim Smalley.

BFG Tech GeForce GTS OC MB |

Besides, the attractive dragon theme has also been abandoned for some reason. If you see this card in nvidla store, and its price is not too high, don’t hesitate, take it right away.

So you’d better install a good ventilation system inside your PC case. The new GTS card bfb outperforms the GTX model in full compliance with theory – all its characteristics are better, except for the memory bandwidth and fill rate.

Note operating frequencies, support for modern technologies shadersas well as a pipeline architecture.


All the cards require additional power, so each one contains a black 6-pin nviidia. For parts or not working. We can only inform you about this or that product. These tests measure efficiency of executing looped pixel shaders with a lot of texture lookups up to several hundreds of lookups per pixel in the heaviest mode!


BFG Launches 512MB 8800 GTS

And fan speed does not grow much, so there is practically no noise. Various parallax mapping methods have been used in games for a long time already. I don’t understand why they designed a new cooler instead of using the old one from the GTS those devices were efficient and quietchanging only the gforce plate for the rearranged memory chips.

Video 3Digests Video cards: We can see that these tests are too easy for modern architectures and fail to reveal their true capacity. Negative 0 1 2. But why is the new card outperformed by the old GTS in a test with a single texture? Memory Size see all.

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