No such file or directory. Hve you tried pon and poff or WVdial? Using method B for the conexant modem I get the following errors. Use Synaptic or Adept to ensure that you have all the necessary packages installed for compiling your drivers. Also download and install the ungrab-winmodem from the http:

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Retrieved from ” https: Vendor ID’s that are suported are listed here: Join our community today!

Please note that you will have to do this after everytime you update your kernel. This driver works conexajt with reliable connections. To remove any installation go to Synaptic, search for sl-modem and uninstall completely. But how do I get this to work in Ubuntu Dapper?

You are missing the chipset number internal to the modem, the chipset needs to be known, then trial and error with different drivers written for that chipset, will eventually work.

Now right click on modem-hsfpci.

Instead, I established a two-way connection in the following way: Basically the sl-modem-source has to be installed first and then the sl-modem-daemon. For people who just use internet to check mail, dialup is the cheapest way to go. Click on WAN in the left menu.


HSF driver installation

June 24th, 4. I found debhelper, fakeroot and linux-headers-ARCH were missing.

You may even be lucky enough to read the chipset numbers right off of the modem itself, some dissassembly required. Another internal Conexant modem up and running in Ubuntu! Using this driver may cause sound problems for karmic users.

Find More Posts by linux This page has been accessed 89, times. Before installing this package, make sure that you have the build-essential installed for gcc and make are required. Type dmesg grep slamr If all goes well you should be able to access internet on your system by this point. This includes build-essential, linux-headers-ARCH where ARCH is your kernel version and can be found with uname -r cnexant the terminalfakeroot, module-assistant and debhelper.

Test the connection by pinging some public IP address eg: Also read the ubuntu wiki dialupmodemhowto for details and other methods. This file should be of the format nameserver Howto Conexant and Smartlink modem Hi, I have had to revise the Howto’s for installing a Conexant winmodem and a Smartlink winmodem due to some changes after installing Dapper kubuntu.


Are you new to LinuxQuestions. Howto Conexant and Smartlink modem Hi, I have fonexant used Gnome ubuntu since the first kubuntu hit the streets, but theoretically it should work, just use gedit to edit the files and gnome-ppp to test and use.

Linuxant – Linux drivers for Conexant chipsets – HSF driver installation

Now setup Kppp and go on line! Howto Conexant and Smartlink modem Hi, What modem are you tryin to install and what seems not to be working? Voila – you have your own personal recording station. After running scanModem tool from linmodems returs a modemdata.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

If your ID are not shown you can try to create it in a new line, but there is no guarentee that it will work.

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