Translate the source program to create a new serialized profile. If -longpkgname is specified, package-name-stem must be an alphanumeric string of or fewer bytes. Type 3 Drivers that use a pure Java client and communicate with a data server using a data-server-independent protocol. If -longpkgname is specified, package-name must be an alphanumeric string of or fewer bytes. By default, when an SQLJ application runs, the Db2 database server looks for packages using the collection ID that is stored in the serialized profile. For example, if two applications use an SQLJ profile with the same name, they might overwrite each other, because both use sqlj. The XA Specification , available from http:

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Bytes-from-program-name Eb2 PkgIsolation Table 1 shows the parts of a generated package name and the number of bytes for each part. Specify only those program preparation options that are appropriate for the data source at which you are binding a package. Using the -collection parameter: Improve performance by using static SQL statements.

DB2 11 – Java -db2sqljcustomize – SQLJ profile customizer

The Db2 database server inserts that list into the SQL path for resolution of unqualified stored procedure names. If any generated package names are the same as the names of existing dg2, db2sqljcustomize overwrites the existing packages.

You can run db2sqljcustomize to produce a customized serialized profile for an SQLJ program at one data source, and then use that profile at another data source.

You might do this if you have changed an SQLJ source program, and you want to run the old and new versions of the program. The SQLJ command generates a Java source program, optionally compiles the Java source dh2, and produces zero or more serialized profiles.


Valid -url, -username, and -password values must be wqlj. If you specify more than one serialized profile name, and you specify -automaticbind NO, if you want to bind the serialized profiles into a single Db2 package when you run db2sqljbind, you need to specify the same list of serialized profile names, in the same order, in db2sqljcustomize and db2sqljbind.

If Db2 cannot determine the length of the host variable, it might do a table space scan instead of an index scan.

In addition to accessing data at the location that is indicated by URL jdbc: After you bind the packages, you need to ensure that when the application runs, the Db2 database server at ZOS2 can find the packages.

Customization stores a new package timestamp in the serialized profile, which makes the new serialized profile incompatible with the original package. Do not re-customize the serialized profiles. The default behavior is to bind sqjl Db2 packages.

Table 2 shows the values of the PkgIsolation portion of a package name that is generated by db2sqljcustomize. The data server then communicates the client’s requests to the data source. A serialized profile file for each connection context class that is used in an SQLJ executable clause A serialized profile name is of the following form: You might also need to run the db2sqljbind command under these circumstances: A01 A02 A03 A If you do not specify -rootpkgname or -singlepkgname, db2sqljcustomize generates four package names that are based on the serialized profile name.


Example of a simple SQLJ application

If the collection ID for the additional Db2 packages that you create is different from the collection ID in the serialized profile, you need to override the collection ID that is in the serialized profile. If -longpkgname is specified, package-name-stem must be an salj string of or fewer bytes.

Cached statements are often reused on the same Connection. Do this by using the same values for -rootpkgname and -collection when you bind the new packages that you used when vb2 created the original packages.

The translator puts the serialized profiles for file1. Ensure that you do not overwrite your original serialized profile.

The four package names are: This value represents the transaction isolation level for the package. Therefore, the four package names are: If -longpkgname is not specified, package-name must be an alphanumeric string of eight or fewer bytes. Online checking is always recommended: Support for distributed transaction management.

Write less code with the simpler SQLJ syntax, which reduces the number of lines of code that is required to execute statements, set parameters, and retrieve parameters. Command parameters -help Specifies that the SQLJ translator describes each of the options that the translator supports.

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