This so-called time-dilation effect would, show up drama! His visual work was done at I85x with a Wratten 4BA violet filter. But he and other astronomers soon began making stunning astronomical discoveries with newer designs, and the Gregorian reflector all but died out. The ultimate in a transportable telescope is a mobile observ- atory with iis own motor, steering wheel, and license plate! This ultraviolet image from the Hubble Spwv Ttkswpe t faint-object camera resolves huntlmls uf Individual stars in 47 Tueanie s pore.

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The guider has a built-in 3x Barlow, which increases magni- fication and places the guiding eyepiece well away from the camera itself. Ptolemy’s seemingly biased comments spare no countries, in [hii instance they probably reflect the typical Roman and Greek view- ol the people from this region who spurned the pantheon of pagan gods while professing monolheism.

In December ofas Comet Schau- rnasse drifts slowly westward across the Hyades, it will rapidly brighten. Plans call for a second iQ-meler reflec- tor to join it. These results attend previous work on 1,0 o 1 o.

MaryfamT MeCuitheon describes the ?

Larger apertures mean greater sensitivity ami improve the prospects For studying objects like active galactic nuclei. If they died as children, they would never he able to travel In time sp-98004 commit the deeds.


Their calculations could have revealed the occultation even if they could not see it. JO-nm 54 ” [ P ‘oat Pitl Mull! At Stel lalane j simple technique dvg described by Joe Deehenc If!

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The sensitive equipment is maintained by divers. Ontario, they gel an unexpected observing session. Thus the event is made to fit he account in the boot of Matthew, where wise men from the East, upon seeing an unusual star, set forth on a journey to Jerusalem and Bethlehem m search of the young child Jesus.

Con tact Daniel L. Other stellar systems may also go through such violent ,art in their youth, David Andrews Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland! Oart gear sector that Spans only 30 will provide smooth, uninterrupted tracking for up to two hours, after which the sector can be disengaged and reset for another similar spell.

Venus reached greatest evening etonga- tion Last June 12th in North America. Another escape is to postulate that there are multiple realities This is the verse we experience, there exist myriad others chat are causally separate.

Mkhcison’s original instrument was an amp] it ude interferometer, in which light waves from two apertures ate combined before they arc detected. I might go on and ask what other astronomers and astro- physicists do for their research grant j. Mui’un Feat uring authuriUtiw urticlea xvr World experts, ep-9804 luntlmiark volume is the most detailed source tw-m ik on astronomy snd astrn- physics ever published, Comprehensive yet con- cihp. C, only one month after tile first.


Please limit your comments to no more than words. The covering of a planet by the Moon is astrologi tally om- nipotent, rare, and visually spectacular when seen in a dark sky. The reason we do not notice the gravitating effect of pressure is that vvr only becomes important. WfMer eb- nre Yistrle tnvsclly.

That was not a misprint. As atr-shower particles slow- down they give off a characteristic blue light called Cerenkov radiation. The carriages’ posiiions and velocities arc monitored by laser beams and cOMfOUed by dfr computer.

The combined collaborating with Robert Hanbury Brown in the development of the optical intensity interferometer Twists prototype was mounted on a turntable and had a fixed 2-meter baseline. Robinson Sen ior Editor- J.

Apprnv 70 pages, saftbiwttd. The meihuds used dbr elct ter rrsi nc them 4;e two-aperture lister feremetry l7 3 ami speckle interrerumetry 5. Use c hi- unti’r funn in ihe center of th.

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