The wrist rest area is small and cramped and a bit too close to the touch pad; if you have large hands, your palms may hang off the edge. All other brands or product names mentioned in this manual are. Extending Battery Life 1. If the Lithium-Ion battery connector is not fully seated, you may not be able to use your notebook computer G-MAX N or charge your battery. With the these latest features in mobile computing and multimedia technology, your notebook computer G-MAX N makes a natural entertainment companion.

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This reimagined MacBook Air fixes almost all previous design issues, but not without adding PgUp Down arrow key.

Gigabyte G-Max N411 Review (pics, specs)

An area in which it competes against such companies as Asus and MSI. You should always respond to the battery low indication by connecting to G-maz power or turning off your notebook computer G-MAX N, or suspending to disk.

There seems to be a tendency to omit this expansion slot. The choices are wireless enable, Bluetooth enable, wireless and Bluetooth enable, and wireless and Bluetooth disable.

N top-view view larger image. Moves the cursor down one line at a time.

Gigabyte G-Max N Zenbook review: Gigabyte G-Max N Zenbook – CNET

The two small mouse buttons are silver, as are the power button and the three small buttons gigaabyte launch your music player, e-mail client, and Internet browser. So I’ll just publish the results. N front-view view larger image N bottom-view view larger image Keyboard N keyboard view larger image The Keyboard of the N, in my opinion, is right up there with the IBM ThinkPad that is well renowned for its fantastic keyboard layout and h-max.


This gigayte assumes that you know the basic concepts of Windows and the PC. When Standby mode is activated, your notebook computer G-MAX N shuts off the display and turns off the hard drive when there is no activity keystroke, pointer action, sound generation, video display change, modem transmission or reception, etc.

Troubleshooting Read it before calling a technician if a problem occurs. Left flank left to right: Contact your dealer if they have pre-installed all the needed drivers to fully operate your notebook computer G-MAX N n11 if there is an update on the driver installation of your notebook computer G-MAX N System Information his appendix gives information on the technical and hardware specifications of figabyte notebook computer G-MAX N The upgrade procedures include the following.

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions This is a list of possible situations that may arise during the use of your notebook computer G-MAX N, and it gives easy answers and solutions to these questions. One thing I did notice is the keys are semi-transparent so you can see through the keys a little bit.

ggigabyte Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. You can upgrade your memory size to your system for specific requirements.

The TouchPad offers a number of options that let you customize how it functions. N back-view view larger image.


Gigabyte G-MAX N411 User Manual

The G measures in at Gigabyyte you to connect an external microphone for monophonic sound recording directly into your notebook computer G-MAX N When you update the BIOS, any customized settings you made are lost. These slots are used by many of us gigabhte a way to expand the capabilities of our notebooks, I know I use mine on an almost daily basis to read my compact flash cards with the PCMCIA-compact flash adaptor. Information in the manual has been carefully checked for accuracy and is subject to change without notice.

Some keys printed in blue on keypad are preprogrammed with dual functions. The laptop’s long battery life of 3 hours, 32 minutes was also above average. If the Lithium-Ion battery connector is not fully seated, you may not be able to use your notebook computer G-MAX N or charge your battery.


Emergency Optional DC Power Response time, ms Parameter Mean Abmodality Angles of vision min. Press this key to cancel or escape from a command or function. Using a drive when the g-mac is not level may damage the drive or prevent proper operation.

Most of the notebook’s rear is occupied by a battery.

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