The paper detecting sensor is mounted on a paper passage. The upper sensor is similarly composed to the lower upper sensor. How it works What you get 1. The screw gear consequently is rotated at the opening and closing. You can request for Extension of Time to Oppose this mark or Oppose it now. The suspension plate is downwardly urged by a spring Please enter a number less than or equal to 0.

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The printer comprises a conveyance section for conveying the label roll to an ink jet print head, an ink supply section for supplying ink to the head, and a recovery unit for making the head performance stable.

The sensor frame has a projection for positioning the upper sensor frame and open lever which fixes the lower sensor frame A platen is rotatably mounted on the chassis by bearing holders and through ball bearings and Thus, by adjusting the pressure of the springthe ribbon winding force is adjusted. The closing means comprises a sensor closing plate fixed to head frame assembly tokeei as tlkei contact with the sensor frame when closed.

Thus, the positions of the sensors can be changed. Therefore, it is possible to prevent the stress from concentrating in gears. Heiwa tokei cvh01 Equipment Authorization Waiver Is there an equipment authorization waiver associated with this application? Each hinge a is attached to the unit and the middle plate by screws at one of the ends, and the other end is secured to the upper cover 20 by screws.

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Heiwa Tokei CV driver free download for windows – HP – HP Pavilion 06

A thermal printer comprising: A paper guide is slidably mounted on the chassis to be moved in the width direction of the paper. A label printer performs recording on a roll label comprising a number of label sheets bonded in succession on a release sheet. In the ordinary printing operation, the paper is not fed back at the end of the printing.

A pair of projections a position the upper sensor frame with respect to the vertical direction. When the lever is pushed, the sensor frame is opened about the knobbed shaft by the coil spring as shown in FIG.

More particularly, as described above, the spring applies a heavy load to the gear at the reverse rotation. Even if low temperature control is carried out by jeiwa thermal head when the ambient temperature is low, creasing of an ink ribbon due to impact of print density is suppressed.

A thermal printer is disclosed which includes a housing, a chassis assembly with a printer mechanism securely mounted in the housing and a head frame assembly hdiwa a thermal head and rotatably mounted on the chassis assembly by a shaft. Cv Others 0 1.

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If the ribbon rewinding mechanism shown in FIGS. A thermal tokeei, performing printing on a print medium by thermally transferring an ink ribbon by means of a thermal head, is provided with a density control section for controlling print density of the thermal head for reduced regulation during low temperature control for increasing print density at low temperature.

The thermal printer further comprises closing means for closing the paper sensor together with the head frame assembly, and a pair of ribbon holders rotatably mounted on the head frame assembly, the ribbon holders rotated by power transmitting means from the print mechanism for tokwi an inked ribbon.


If you are looking for heiwa tokei cv printer driver, just click link below. However, it is difficult to remove the label, because the space between opposite members of the sensor is very narrow. In the case of the inside winding ribbon, the spring is wound up as shown in FIG. The ribbon end tlkei detects the end of the ribbon by detecting tokie slit formed in the ribbon winding shaft a.

A one-way clutch is provided in the power transmitting means to,ei transmitting driving force to the ribbon holders only when the ribbon holders are rotated in a normal direction. In the case of an outside winding ribbon, when printing, the shaft a is rotated by the ribbon in the direction shown by the arrow of FIG. LegalForce – 1 Tokek. The pressure plate is pressed against the clutch plate by a compression spring Status Update Alerts are email updates of the latest trademark status change.

The ribbon rewinding mechanism is provided for preventing the ribbon from wrinkling.

In the thermal printer, there is provided with an error prevention device. The screw of the spiral shaft has the same pitch as that of the spiral shaft and the spiral direction is reverse to that of the spiral shaft

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