Replace these numbers with the version of your kernel source. The ath9k driver is present in any kernel starting with version 2. Maybe I could get all the way through the process without backtracking and redoing steps. If after this you can connect, then you are running the right kernel, but you are not loading the ath9k module on boot. Ath9k is the latest wireless driver for the newer Atheros chipsets and just like the MadWifi driver could be used to put your NIC in a promiscuous mode, do packet injection, etc.

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Then when you get to the point of generating an initramfs image, you also need to substitute the kernel version with yours in the mkinitramfs command. Now lets cd to the place we downloaded the kernel source: Thanks and have a nice Sunday.

To find out what kind of chipset you have, run:. Now we have something to work with. Please help to install ath9k driver is there anyway that you can plug into a router?

ubuntu netbook – ath9k driver (re)installation – Ask Ubuntu

Please help to install ath9k driver Hello there again I my self am new to this but if you right click on the network managers icon see pic is wireless greyed out?


April 13th, 2. The wireless drivers are contained hwo the kernel package, so reinstalling the linux-image It was in one of the steps above. Your wireless NIC should be working now using the ath9k driver.

To find out how many processors or cores your computer has run: If after this you can connect, then you are running the right kernel, but you are not loading the ath9k module on boot. Enable Bluetooth and connect to devices on boot April 1, Now that the networking part is actually working, we need to fix the small errors that appeared along the way.

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How to enable the ath9k wireless driver on Ubuntu Lucid () |

The oldest supported ath9k version comes with kernel 2. I read the conversation with the guy having the same problem with a Dell machine.

April 13th, 3. Since you will be running a lot of commands as root, it would be more convenient to open a bash shell as root instead of preceding all commands with sudo.

How to enable the ath9k wireless driver on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04)

That means most likely you already have the driver and there is no need to download it, all you have to do is enable it. Run the mkinitramfs to generate the initrd: I can compile everything but when i get to this point: It made another linux-source Please let me tell you the result. This site uses cookies More info No problem.


Linux Wireless originator of ath9k describes in their installation procedure to install and use a NCURSES user interface in order to install the mac Networking stack and Atheros Also, make sure ibstall you are typing the name of the. Material I publish here are often part of my small projects.

Atheros 802.11n PCI/PCI-E devices (ath9k)

The system at that time was Rasbian, but since PwnPi uses the same repository as Rasbian Debian the commands works just as well. That will avoid running modprobe ath9k after each reboot. Post as a guest Name.

Please help insyall install ath9k driver Hello Joseph first I want to make you a complement, I find it so great that you have the great power to work with people like all the newbies -me. Executing this command will yeild something similar to this: While doing research into another blog post that im currently working on.

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