And what’s really beautiful, is that if you change the duty cycle, the frequency will remain the same. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can sell items here, or announce an ebay, amazon, etc. You can use them if you have them, but they will fry at voltages over 12 volts input from the external supply I’m sure. This is the Staccato Driver Board, made directly off of the copper and silkscreen layouts seen above.

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I saw another schematic hvvuy.com the builder wrapped 10 turns of gauge wire on the ferrite frame. The flyback transformer circuit was invented as a means of controlling the horizontal movement of the electron beam in a cathode ray tube CRT. To ensure your email is not marked as spam, please include the phrase “4hv help” in the subject line. Our findings have been that up past 1kHz, the staccato frequency starts tranformer hurt the output sparklength severely.

Flyback transformer – Wikipedia

Mads Barnkob Sat May 16flybacck Make sure to install U1 as according to the schematic, watch the pinout! At first I was using my father’s nice Astron regulated supply, Transrormer recently killed it so I gave him mine. You cannot start new topics You cannot post replies You cannot edit your posts Search. The output will burn you at tranfsormer same time it shocks you. William Stehl Wesley Venis The aforementioned have contributed financially to the continuing triumph of 4hv.


Archive Discussion This board is for pointing out good threads that are found in the archives, located at and. Chatting and Socializing Restricted Access. You will KNOW when you’ve hit the maximum. Most likely there will be oscillations, screeching noises, high input current and not much output, etc. It will get slightly warm in operation, this is not anything to worry about.

The totem pole ensures the trannsformer being charged and discharged very fast approx 50nS i think. That resistor forms an RC time constant with the gate capacitance, and slows switching time.

In this way parts of the wire with higher voltage between them have more dielectric material between them. The cycle can then be repeated.

All today’s birthdays’, congrats! This can be exploited using extra windings to provide power to operate other parts of the equipment.

Flyback Transformer

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Flyback transformer

A convenient side effect of such a transformer is the considerable energy which is available in its magnetic circuit. Between the rod and the frame is an air gap, which increases the reluctance.

This page was last edited on 5 Marchat Rail guns and coil guns welcome! Otherwise – you’ll need it! But it sure looks weird. Views Read Edit View history. This is the only one among so many in flybaack web that seems to me suitable for long time uses.

The pulse train coming from the flyback transformer windings is converted to direct current by a simple half wave rectifier.

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