The sync is off. Monitor doesn’t detect signal immediately and goes to powersave. I would imagine the rest in the range should work fine too. Works, but doesn’t appear to want to switch between the two VGA inputs – will only support either PC or PS2 connection, and whichever was there first takes priority. This is one sexy monitor. I believe this one should work but until i get linx ps2 could someone please test it. I think it was something I read on these forums led me to believe they were the same.

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The older models, with BNC connections, work. Message remains until PS2 starts outputting video signal less than a minute. Please correct my previous “not working”: Works fine when only using bash. Apparently SOG is supported on larger models.

Has to unplug the video cable, reboots then replug cable. Black screen, as no connector plugged.

Refurbished IT Gear – CRT Monitor – MICRON TECHNOLOGY – Apto Solutions

TV doesn’t do p but i will work when the driver is fixed. Phillips 19″ television nascar15pearce Tested Working must blindly install www. Type your comment into the box below. This 17″ monitor works a treat!


Phillips Brilliance MP achadd Tested Working Worked monjtor time with sync-on-green; make sure you give the monitor a few seconds after its powered up to figure out that its getting a SoG signal.

Make sure SoG is enabled or everything will be a fairly nasty shade of green.

Micron index of parts for sale. Page 2.

A VGA monitor is only required to provide x graphics resolution, SVGA must offer at least x, although it usually implies a x capability or greater. Micron Lx riconero Tested Not Working First the picture is scrambled, then it goes to a blank screen. Took almost 30 minitor. I have attempted to install openSuSE I’m looking the bug reports, possibly solved, but nothing bynow.

Helpforce eDiscover | Display Problem in SuSE

Dell T Trinitron bigman Tested Working 17″ monitor worked from the start. Giant 19″ monitor that weighs a tonne!! For instance typing ‘init 3’ no need for quotes on initial boot screenwill start system in runlevel 3.


Works great after that. Basic install and using kde, windowmaker looks good, did not do any extensive tests – “out of range” error until linux actually boots. Forum Hardware Desktop Computer Hardware monitor vga or sgva?

The screen just said, “Please check video cables” hp pavilion f50 yomonkey Tested Not Working Stays in powersave. Did installation of Can support xwill attempt higher but unreadable. Monitor acts like nothing is connected and goes to sleep. It’s great working all the time. This was branded a Micron monitor. Spec does mkcron explicitly support Mciron. Dell is good at returns though. I used Failsafe at startup and logged on as root.

Tested x x and x Garbage on screen in self-test mode. Boot PS2 first let it go long enough to display a screen before turning monitor on.

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