Just a note to maybe save someone else from falling into the same trap. Commodore 64 Ars Praefectus Registered: I use it on my nForce2 and nForce3 boards. That will tell you what you have installed. Last edited by dodecahedron on Mon Sep 13, LoneWolf, there is some mixup in your info, the 6. May 8, Posts:

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Do you use the IDE Driver from Nvidia? – Ars Technica OpenForum

The NForce MCP2 drivers that come as part of the original Windows XP install do not have these problems, for whatever reason, and are considered the most stable. Still burning with my LTRB. Oct 9, Posts: Last edited by dodecahedron on Mon Sep 13, The SW driver has, in the past, been a problem.

You can’t lose with the MS drivers and I guess using the Nvidia drivers is done at your own ixe kind of thing.

Do you use the IDE Driver from Nvidia?

Rocko Nvidja Centurion Registered: I would suggest if you haven’t already to go to www. Tue Jan 31, 9: It is possible that nVidia has fixed this by now since their damn mobo’s have been out for, what, 2 years? BSOD’ed the bajeesus out of my system.


nvieia Maybe they’ll get it right with nF What they claim and what it actually does, differs. I’ve been using them on my Primary Nforce3 based system, and no issues here.

The MS drivers are conservative and after some data failures force the driver to set a lower speed or even PIO mode.

Windows XP – Unified Driver

At least I don’t have it disabled in Device Manager. Nvvidia will tell you what you have installed. Originally posted by Rocko: Nov 28, Posts: Riso Ars Praefectus Registered: But switched to the MS driver. Who is the driver provider and what is the driver date and version?

From there click on the driver tab nvidix the top part of the box that came up and then on Driver Details. Click on the Driver tab.

Yeah whats the biggy? I’ve been on quite a few forums over the years. Wed Feb 01, 5: Fri Jan 06, 5: I have used the IDE driver on my nForce 2 based systems since the 2.


nforce2 + win98SE = no IDE controller driver – Motherboards

It’s what everyone I know who is in the know is using. Jul 24, Posts: It is easy to see if your NVidia drivers are Mcrosoft because it will cobtroller the drivers were provided by Microsoft under the Driver Properties in Device Manager. Then eventually my SATA drive becomes corrupted.

Return to General Hardware Discussion. No problems with the driver.

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