Setting up the printer software Installing printer software A printer driver is software that lets the computer communicate with the printer. Install duplex Try one or more of the following: Before Moving The Printer Click Driver, and then add any installed hardware options. In Mac OS X version Maintaining the printer Periodically, certain tasks are required to maintain optimum print quality. The link you provided appears to offer guidance on that.

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Front Paper Jams Check Tray Connection Page 77 Page 78 – Printing from a flash drive Page 79 – Printing information pages Page 80 – Canceling a print job Page 81 Page 82 – Clearing jams Page 83 – Understanding jam numbers and locations Page 84 – and paper jams Page 85 – paper jam Page 86 Jnfoprint 87 – Paper jams optional external duplex uni Want to add to the discussion?

The plugs ricohh receptacles are color coded. Rough is the factory default setting.


Press paper jam To prevent paper jams, the stapler motor does not run when the stapler door is open. Administrative Support Administrative support Using the Embedded Web Server If the printer is installed on a network, the Embedded Web Server is available for a range of functions including: It just says firmware Notice the maximum fill line on the side of the tray which indicates the maximum height for loading paper.


Disabling DLEs Wait for the message to clear.

The menus are available only when the printer is infopring the Ready state. Page that jammed does not reprint after you clear the jam Jam Recovery is set to Off. Reattach Bin — Squeeze and slide the width guide to the far right. Replace the print cartridge. When there is more than one jam, the number of jammed pages is displayed.

Ricoh IBM Infoprint n Laser Printer 39V | eBay

Push the cartridge holder firmly back into the stapler unit until the cartridge holder clicks into place. Page For customer support, contact the place where you purchased your printer. Disk Wiping Menu This includes asking for us to link to your subreddit, forum, bulletin board, newsgroup, Facebook page, whatever. Do not fold or crease the paper. rico

From the printer control panel, press the arrow buttons until Held jobs appears, and then press Infooprint the arrow buttons until appears next to your user name, and then press Press the arrow buttons until appears next to the job type or job name, and then press If you selected a job name, proceed to step 11 on page Unlock the length guide, squeeze the length guide tab inward as shown, and slide the guide to the correct position for the paper size being loaded.


The Universal Paper Size is a user-defined paper size setting. Internal Solutions Port Tighten the long infoprijt.

Insert the Innfoprint and Documentation CD. To resolve any paper jam message, you must clear all jammed paper from the paper path and then press Jam numbers Area Page Menu item Description Timeouts Sets the amount of time in seconds the printer waits to receive an end-of-job message before canceling the remainder of the print Print Timeout Disabled 1— sec Notes: Remove the specified tray.

Restore Now Do Not Restore is the factory default setting. Installing a flash memory or firmware card Note: Press Press the arrow buttons until Settings appears, and then press Press the arrow buttons until General Settings appears, and then press Press the arrow buttons until Print Recovery appears, and then press Notices Product information Machine type: For more information, see the setup documentation that came with the printer.

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